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Testimonials for Tally Oaks Veterinary Service - Dr. Tania Woerner


"Dr. Woerner has been our vet for many years now. She has treated our cats, lambs, yorkies and now is treating our German Shepherds! One of our GSD started having problems with her legs, and we found out she would need TPLO surgery on her knees. She tore her ligaments in both knees and this will give her new knees! As part of her rehab treatment, Dr. Woerner suggested Laser Therapy so that she might recover faster. Well, I gotta tell you, laser therapy is the way to go! I couldn’t believe the immediate effect on our dog. She overused some of her muscles in order to compensate for her knee and after only one treatment on the affected muscle she was like new! She was back to being herself, happy and playful and in less pain! The laser therapy also helped with wound healing. She has a significant scar on her leg, which she couldn’t stop licking, and the redness went away in less than 24 hours. I would highly recommend this line of treatment. Like I said I couldn’t believe how well and fast it worked. Next week we are doing surgery #2, and I look forward to bringing her in for laser therapy because I know she is going to feel so much better afterwards!"

"My husband and I were headed from our farm in Hillsboro to Middleburg for a summer trail ride, hauling our two horses in our slant load. We heard a big scuffle noise in the back, and pulled over, to find one or our horses standing, nervous and sweating. We figured out that he had fallen down but had managed to scramble to his feet by the time we could find a spot to pull over. We were close to the meet so we continued there and only then, when unloading, noticed a thin spray of blood shooting out of the fetlock joint. I cleaned it and put a pressure wrap on. Tania’s Tally Oaks was on our way home so we called and she said to stop by. She took care of Delta Ditto, my wonderful horse, right then and there, inspecting and cleaning the wound and packing it properly, then putting a wrap on that stayed on for days. Antibiotics, and Tania’s wonderful follow up care at our place, resulted in a full and uncomplicated recovery, and we fox hunt and event now. Thanks for Dr. Woerner's around the clock availability (this was a Sunday), sincere concern and excellent skills, she has my recommendation!"

Judith in Round Hill 2016

"My husband and I moved to NVA in 2013 and purchased a farm.  We quickly started rescuing animals and began our journey to breed and sell Alpacas.  We had been going to a local vet for our dogs, but knew with the farm animals we needed to consolidate to one vet who would know everything about our animals & farm. 

I met Tania through another farm owner and I instantly knew she had the compassion that I wanted for my animals.  She came to our farm quickly after that and no matter what I threw at her, she was willing to take on the challenge.  That challenge, being 2 pet, cross bred pigs, that needed to be neutered.  She had not worked on pigs prior to that, but did her research, sent me information about health and their ongoing maintenance to keep them healthy and neutered them both, with no issues of infection or stitches being pulled out (apparently an issue in pet pigs)

When it was time for my 9.5 year old dog to cross the rainbow bridge, I called Tania and she was out to our farm within 1.5 hours.  Being able to put our girl down, under the big tree, with the sun shinning and breeze blowing was less stressful than the sterile offices that I have had to put so many others down.

I would recommend Tania for all of your animal's, not just farm animals.  She is compassionate, knowledgeable, respectful, and most of all reliable."  

Warmest Regards,
Aimee Long, Lovettsville, 2016

"I found Dr. Woerner a couple years ago when I moved to the area. Our dog and cat get the best possible care with her and her assistant always going above and beyond. I never feel rushed when we visit, and during check-ups, Dr. Woerner always makes sure my pets are healthy and all my questions are answered. My toddler gets so excited when we have to visit the vet because he gets to see horses and tractors, and Dr. Woerner always lets him see what she’s doing for our pets—she even gave him a bandage too when we had to bandage our dog’s leg (he wouldn’t let me take it off for 2 days because he was so excited about it!). If you want a high level of attentiveness and care, I highly recommend Dr. Woerner!"
Leah Pierce  Round Hill 2016

" I changed my Veterinary clinic and use Tally Oaks Veterinary Service last year. I love the fact that it is a small clinic with Dr. Tania. You get to know her, “my vet”, not the one on duty. She is available when I need her and passionate about my pets. If you are looking for a down-home feel, a competent veterinarian, appointments when needed and someone who will call you personally, choose Tania D. Woerner VMD and Tally Oaks Veterinary Service for your pet's needs."

Small Animal Client in Bluemont, VA December 2014

 "Dr. Woerner saved me a significant sum of          money at the eye specialist by successfully        treating my dog's eye ulcer. Her knowledge,        personal interest, and follow-up in the                  ailment/treatment was impressive. Most of all,    Dr. Woerner responds quickly to emails/phone    calls and took a personal interest in our family    pet. I highly recommend and value her                services." - Lisa in Leesburg

   I contacted Dr. Woerner when my puppy was very sick at the age      of six months. Our original vet wasn't able to stop his horrible            gastric upset in spite of the many visits and tests and multiple            prescriptions. Dr. Woerner explored his sickness thoroughly and        was able to narrow down the cause in her office. She prescribed the    correct medication to finally make him better! Throughout the whole    ordeal, Dr. Woerner tackled the problem aggressively and was            committed to getting to the bottom of it. She allowed me to be a        part of the solution and kept me informed, even if it meant a late        evening phone call to share test results or an original idea.  She is      wonderful about communicating whether it is explaining procedures    or results in the office or promptly returning my phone calls and I        feel as though she knows each of my pets personally as patients.      Most importantly, she healed my puppy!
   We have since switched all of our pets to the care of Dr. Woerner. I    would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for                thorough and loving care for their pets.  Debbie

  When we moved to western Loudoun county 9 years ago   and able to realize my life long dream of having horses     on my property, one of the key decisions that I needed to   make was in partnering with an equine vet.  I first heard     about Dr. Woerner from someone who had utilized her for   acupuncture and when struggling with returning a very       aged quarter horse to health decided to give her a call.       Her natural way with horses and the dignity that she           treats them (and us) with is wonderful.  She has been       with us every step of the way for the past 8 years and       her experience and willingness to really listen to her           clients is fantastic.  Her blended approach of traditional     medicine while supporting that with alternative therapies like acupuncture works wonderfully well.  It is a great comfort to know that she is always there when we need her and will do the best for our horses. 

Kathleen & Larry Mitchell

Lovettsville Va

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